Monday, September 11, 2017

Kahoot and Quizizz

Students in grades 3 through 6 were introduced to Kahoot on the first day of class in the Technology Lab. Kahoot is a website that allows you to turn questions into a game-like environment. You create the questions, and the students play a game to answer them. Students only  need an access code in order to play. 

Here's a little overview...

I've used Kahoot quite a bit and I really like it, and the kids seem to like it as well. I used for my 3rd through 6th graders this year to introduce them to the rules and procedures in the Technology Lab. I've even used this for fun at family gatherings; last year I created a Thanksgiving trivia game that we all played after Thanksgiving dinner. It was a hit. :)
With Kahoot, the teacher questions and answer choices are projected onto the SmartBoard, while the students answer on their devices--in our case, the Lab computers. The Kahoots are timed, and all students participate at the same time. You can also copy Kahoots that have been created by others, and then edit them to meet your needs.
There is a similar site called Quizizz that I'm hoping to try soon as well. It's a little different though, in that with Quizizz, students see all of the information on their own device. Additionally, with Quizizz, students complete the quiz at their own pace. You can even assign a Quizizz as homework and set a deadline for its completion. And kids only need an access code in order to use it.
Kahoot is more teacher-directed, while Quizizz is more student-directed. Both though are a great way to increase student engagement, or just create some variety in the way you use assessments in your classroom. Click on the image below to view an article written about Quizizz by Tony Vincent. He gives a great comparison of both of these online assessment platforms.
Quizizz and Kahoot - Tony Vincent
As an added bonus, using Quizizz or Kahoot enables you to give your students a quiz without having to print something out and make copies! That's a win in my book.